prop design

Prop and weapon designs for "Honcheon Recoil", a personal project set in a fantasy Joseon Dynasty.
Weapons are crafted to specifications of the user, with tassels that mark that status and identity of the owner.

Collectibles for "Palace of Fortune". Objects were based off a mixture of high status artifacts and everyday items of the Tang Dynasty.

Props for animation-style concept of a tea house that doubles as an assassin’s lair. Themed around magnolias and poisonous centipedes curled up inside them. The exterior of each of the objects has a floral theme, while the interiors and bottom stands have the patterning of centipedes.

Designs for a ZBrush & Blender concept project. The basis of the project was a home base for a roguelite RPG where the protagonist attempts to escape a sprawling library.
Weapon designs for a conceptual modern-day hack and slash where you defeat enemies by quickly rotating through and combining various traffic sign based attacks.
Detailed zoom-ins for "Private Ear" assets, a BRGD murder mystery game. Evidence used to solve a murder in a fishing hut.
Miscellanious spot illustrations of Victorian-era ephemera for a scrapbook-like magazine.